AvaiBook.com is a Online Booking System, which allows to book in a secure and reliable way.

AvaiBook is not only a Booking Engine using SSL secure protocol, It is also a trusted third party which allows to book in a secure way since AvaiBook supervises the reservations payment in order to ensure the cancellation policy compliance and avoid fraud.

The Security and Guaranty Avaibook model is based on a series of validations that the Owner/Manager can pass voluntarily:

  • Owner/Manager: acceptance of AvaiBook terms of use . It is a code of conduct on the online booking management.
  • Property: validation of accommodation existence. It consists of validating the existence of the address provided to avoid "fake accommodations".
  • Accommodation: cancellation policy. The accommodation is required to have a cancellation policy and respect it.
  • Accommodation: anti-fraud guarantee. If the accommodation has it activated, AvaiBook does not transfer a reservation payment until 2 days after the arrival date.

These validations are use following this model:

  • The anti-fraud guarantee is always; activated as long as the Owner/Manager hasn't validated the accommodation existence.
    This way, as long as the accommodation doesn't look "reliable" AvaiBook supervises the booking money until after the arrival date to ensure the refund in case of any problem.
  • AvaiBook discloses the cancellation policy when booking and supervises the payment of the reservation to ensure policy compliance in the event of a cancellation and a refund to the traveller.
  • In case the Owner/Manager has accepted AvaiBook terms of use and the accommodation has validated its existence, he can choose to keep the Anti-fraud Guarantee activated or not. If he does, AvaiBook ensures the compliance.

According to these validations, AvaiBook applies stamps for the Owners/Managers and Accommodation adhering to our system, in order to know their validation level.

These are the Validations that have been passed:

Artenara Naturaleza Turismo Rural, S.L. is a member of AvaiBook (authorised Owner/Manager, with the identifier 35970, from 08/04/2016, accepting AvaiBook terms of use.

He manages the accommodation Casa-Cueva El Mimo with the identifier 49034 with the following validations and guarantees: Golden Certification

  • Accommodation existence validation:
  • Accommodation automatically validated

    Accommodation located in: C/Las Arvejas, 38B, 35350 (Artenara), Las Palmas.

  • Cancellation policy for this accommodation at this moment:
    • The traveller can cancel 10 days before the check in date without penalty. It wuold be refunded the amount of the deposit, without the cancellation charges: + 2% if it has been paid by credit card. 1,30€ if it has been paid by bank transfer.
    • Otherwise, the following specific conditions shall be valid and enforceable accommodation: Anulaciones con una antelación de 10 o más días a la fecha prevista de llegada: Será devuelto el 100% del depósito (menos comisiones). Anulaciones con una antelación entre 9 y 1 día a la fecha prevista de llegada: El cliente no tendrá derecho a la devolución del depósito. Cancelaciones el mismo día de la llegada o no presentación en el alojamiento: El cliente no tendrá derecho a la devolución del depósito y se cobrará el importe total de la reserva

  • Anti-fraud guarantee for this accommodation:

    Anti-fraud guarantee not activated