Guests program terms

How it works

AvaiBook On-Line, S.L. Creates the guests program , in order to recommend and ensure customer loyalty in exchange of a prize .

AvaiBook customers will be able to send invitations to their contacts from their private area in AvaiBook, so they can start using it. For each registered guest, they will both be financially rewarded.

An invited guest can invite other friends once registered in AvaiBook. There is no limit on the number of invitations or registered contacts.


Purchase Annual
Free 2 €
Basic 15 €
Advance 25 €
Premium 35 €
Leader 50 €

How to redeem

The prizes can only be redeemed for plan fees, as it follows:

  • Guest
    • When contracting an annual plan, the prize will be deducted directly from the plan fee at the time of registration. Example: anual advanced has a cost of 180 €, if you register because you have been advised, the cost will be 155 € (180 – 25)
  • The person inviting
    • You can add free months to your annual plan. In this case, the monthly price of your plan will be the result of dividing the annual price of your plan by 12 months. Example: advanced annual the monthly cost of your plan will be 15 € (180 € / 12), so if your guest registers in a basic annual plan the prize you receive is 15 €. This way we will extend your renewal and you will be able to enjoy 1 month free in this case.
    • You can discount it on your next renewal. Example: If you have an advanced annual plan (180 €) and your guest registers in an annual premium plan that has a cost of 340 €, you will receive 35 € of prize and they will be discounted in your next renewal 145 € (180 € – 35 €).
    • Use it to hire a superior plan. Example: If you have a basic annual plan (120 €) and you want to contract an advanced annual plan (180 €) the difference would be 60 € (180 €-120 €), if your guest registers in an annual premium plan that has a cost of 340 €, you will receive 35€ of prize and it will be discounted from the amount you had to pay for the change of plan 25 € (60 € – 35 €).

Shipment tracking

The person inviting will get a specific area where they will be able to control which of their contacts register in AvaiBook an the prize they get. They will also have the prize total amount.
The guest will get the same kind of area. There, they will be able to check the amount of the prize and invite others.

Expiration date

You may redeem your prize within 365 days of receiving them.
Invitations expire 45 days after sending.

AVAIBOOK reserves the right to update these terms of use and freely modify them. This acceptance is valid for the conditions contained in this document at any time.