7 tourism marketing tips to boost bookings on your own website

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We want to show you these 7 tourism marketing tips that will boost bookings on your own website.

The main question is:

Do you want to reach high traffic… or do you want to get a lot of reservations? Let see how to succeed in the second option:


1) VIDEO-REVIEWS: Create a tab with a group of minivideos where your clients give their opinions about their stay on your lodging

Videomarketing is a trend becoming stronger as well as really useful for SEO. No need to say it remains in the mind of customers in a more powerful way than other platforms.

In our industry, video is often used as a way to show your facilities, environment, furniture etc, but we want to go a bit further:

What about creating a tab on your website with a series of short videos (no more than 30 seconds each), recorded on your accommodations, with some of your travellers talking about their stay there? Original, powerful and effective.

2) YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Know and clearly promote your competitive advantage

Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your competitive advantage, that one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Even if you think you are good in several items, it has to be something you excel in a greater way. Pick that to promote it on your website so that it will be clear to everyone who visits your web.

A unique environment, a spectacular service, amazing quality-cost relationship…in short: what can you offer better than anyone else?

3) ONLINE BOOKING “FOR DUMMIES”: Make sure your booking process and payment gateway is as simple and easy as possible    

The easier is for the visitor of your web to book, the better for your conversion. Looks simple but sometimes we like to complicate things unnecessarely. Don’t request information you don’t need , place the booking button in a visible spot and in a main tab, mind the designEvery little detail counts.

No need to say that if your website doesn’t allow online booking, this booking process loses its optimization, with the resulting negative consequences.

4) THE EMOTIONAL FACTOR: Sell experiences over products (or services)      

An endless number of researchs shows that the human being is purely emotional, meaning that in our purchase decisions, the emotional factor always prevails.

Therefore, sell your property with sentences and slogans such as “come and live unique experiences, be caught up in the peace of our valley, reach the heart of London from our apartments…” instead of more material ones such as “cottage with two floors and jacuzzi, or apartment in Downtown London with big terrace”.

5) DISCOVER YOUR BUYER-PERSONAS: Establish not only your target but also your buyer-personas

You most likely know the target of your business, but that’s not enough anymore. So, what do we mean with buyer-personas?

We can enlighten this with an example in the vacation rental industry:

Let’s say your target is young and middle age people, middle and even upperclass and fond of nature. Now, with this said, that group of people includes different buyer-personas: Young couples looking for relaxing time, groups of single friends in search of outdoor activities, families with kids going after a new place to enjoy with them…

Well, all of them have very different incentives, needs and purchasing process from the others. Therefore, their definition is mandatory to be able to drive our marketing actions in different ways for each group, for each buyer-persona.

6) SOCIAL NETWORKS AS A MAIN CHANNEL: Make the most of them       

Updating your social networks on an ongoing basis, (focus on those you know work better in your industry) will build a community of people and conversation around your business letting you impact your different buyer-personas with different messages in an easier way than from your own website.

Don’t hide them in a little corner of your web and make sure the icons lead to your social networks, not to your web developer’s ones (seeing this many times).

7) ADD VALUE TO YOUR BRAND: Provide exceptional content through your website while working your branding

What about adding an extra incentive on your web so your visitors are most likely to book on it?

Make use of the environment, your experience on the industry etc. in order to create something with extra value to everyone who visits your web.

For example, a “Sun Apartments guide to make the most of your stay in Mykonos” or5 places you must visit if you’re staying at Villa Homes”. Be innovative and strenghten your business!

These 7 pieces of advice will promote that a higher percentage of the people who visit your web, ends up booking on it. AvaiBook always goes with you in the process. Take advantage of it!

These and many other vacation rental tips and tricks every month in our blog. Your business will be thankful that you read them. 😉