Safety also for travellers

We store your details encrypted and in a 100% safe environment
We offer an online booking service and a card payment management PCI compliant service for vacation rentals.

Two operating modes:

Booking through or Expedia. In this case the accommodation has your card details encrypted (they can't fully see them), and they process the payment corresponding to your card according to their prepayment and booking terms,through AvaiBook’s card payment collection service, as if we were a bank.
Paying a booking prepayment. From an accommodation website which uses AvaiBook.The establishment set the deposit and how to confirm the reservation.This amount is displayed upon confirmation and then, you will pay by card.

You will find these charges in your bank statement as follows:

AvaiBook Zaragoza
Booking AvaiBook Zaragoza
In case you want to cancel a reservation made by AvaiBook, fill the form below, we will send you an email with a link,from there, you may cancel or modify the reservation.
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