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A summary of the most important information you must know:

The controller of the personal data you provide us is AvaiBook online S.L. (AvaiBook) and that we will process in order to: (i) provide you with the services you request from us being the legal basis for this processing (a) the contractual relationship or (b) the legitimate interest in your capacity as representative of the company to which you represent and (ii) send you commercial communications when you have accepted them. Your data can be access by AvaiBook services suppliers who must access them in order to provide the service, as well as in those cases where you have agreed to the transfer. You have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, as well as other rights, as explained in the Privacy Policy.

By clicking “REGISTER” or something equivalent, you declare both knowledge and comprehension of AvaiBook’s privacy policy.


Purpose of data processing:

AvaiBook online S.L., domiciled in c/ Bari 31, Ed. Technocenter Alpha office. 002. 50197 Zaragoza (SPAIN), provided with NIF: B-99.279.622, and telephone 976730426 (hereinafter referred to as "AvaiBook") is responsible for the processing of personal data processing through this website and its subdomains or through any of our tools or applications (the "Website and Apps").

In the following clauses we provide you with information about the rights that assist you, as well as the use we will make of your personal data that you provide us in the different forms of the Website and Apps, under the General Data Protection Regulation ("RGPD") and the national regulations applicable at all times.

If you have any question about the processing of your personal data, contact us to this email: You may also contact our Data Protection Delegate to the following address

Purpose of data processing, legal basis and data disclosure:

In the following paragraph you will find information about:

  • The purpose of the processing of your personal data, that is to say, the reason why AvaiBook processes your personal data.
  • The legal basis allowing AvaiBook to process your data for each of the stated purposes.
  • The recipients of your personal data. For these purposes, we inform you that we don't disclose your personal data to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so (Tax authorities, Judges and Courts, Police forces and Law enforcement authorities...) or expressly indicated here, along with the purpose of the disclosure. On another note, AvaiBook data processors, that is to say, the service providers requiring access to your personal data in order to fulfill their functions, will be able to access them.
  • Existence of international data transfer
  • Conservation period of the data you provide. For these purposes, we inform you that we store your personal data as long as our contractual relationship with you exists, and after termination if you have agreed to it. Similarly, we hereby inform you that your data will remain blocked during the period of prescription of obligations for each purpose stated below.
  • 1. Purposes of the processing

    1. Management of your personal data (i) to maintain contact with the entities you represent, (ii) management of the claims or queries you ask us and (iii) management of the quantity claims of the entity you represent.
    2. Communications from AvaiBook for the following purposes:
      • To invite you to events.
      • To inform you about novelties and offers related to AvaiBook.
      • To inform you about novelties and offers from partners in the industry of holiday rentals (advertising media, software tools hardware and insurance companies).
    3. Communications from AvaiBook partners working in the industry of holiday rentals (advertising media, software tools hardware and insurance companies).
    4. For the contracting of any of our services and products.
    5. For the implementation of the Know Your Client (KYC) protocol when registering with AvaiBook. Puedes encontrar más información sobre los datos que recopilaremos en la sección “Validación de Datos” en el apartado “Mis Datos” de tu área privada.
  • 2. Legal basis:

    The legal bases that allow us to process your personal data for each of the purposes indicated in section 1 above are:

    1. Legitimate interest: to remain in contact with the entity to which we provide services as well as to comply with legal obligations in the area of prevention of money laundering
    2. Consent: by checking the box on the registration form (or on the preferences page on the use of your data), you will authorize AvaiBook to send you commercial communications in the terms indicated in paragraph 1(b) and (c) above.
    3. Contractual relationship: when you hire one of our services and products

  • 3. Recipients

    Your data may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:

    1. Entities in the sectors referred to in paragraph 1(b) and (c) above to send you commercial communications, where you have accepted it.
    2. Courts or Public administrations to fulfill a legal requirement.

    Similarly, AvaiBook service providers who are considered data processors, may have access to your personal data. The categories of service providers that could access your data are service providers:

    • of technology or systems
    • of personal data management tools
    • of cloud hosting
    • of marketing campaign implementation
    • of payment processing
    • of registration tools for travellers in accommodation

    These providers are integrated in the functionalities of the service we provide you with, and are necessary to offer you that service

    You may request more information on the recipients of your data by sending an email to this address You will need to indicate the process whose recipient you would like to get to know better.

  • 4. Data disclosure (international transfers)

    International transfers of your personal data to the Company service providers may be carried out. These providers may be located outside the European Economic Area. If it hasn’t been established that their protection level is equivalent to the European protection level, the Company will adopt the corresponding contractual clauses or will require them to adhere to the Privacy Shield.

  • 5. Data conservation period

    1. As long as the contractual relationship exists. That is to say, while you are using our services or we, or the provider, are managing your requests.
    2. Until you revoke your consent or 4 years after your last interaction with AvaiBook (whichever comes first).
    3. As long as the contractual relationship with the organization you represent exists or until you notify us that you are no longer the contact person.
    4. After the end of the contractual relationship, for a period of 5 years from the date of termination.
    5. Until you request their suppression.
  • 6. Necessary and updated information.

    All the required fields in the provided forms are marked with an asterisk (*). Therefore, if the information corresponding to any of those fields is not provided, this could entail the impossibility to provide the requested services. Likefully, by clicking on the "REGISTRATION" button (or equivalents) incorporated in the aforementioned forms, you declare that the information and data you have provided in them are accurate and truthful.

    In order for the information provided to always be up to date and so that it does not contain any errors, please remember to inform us as soon as possible of any changes and rectifications of your personal data that occur, by using the following email address You will also be able to update the information in your account on your private area in the Website.

  • 7. Rights of data subjects

    We hereby inform you that you can exercise the following rights:

    • You have the right to access your personal data in order to know which data is being processed and which operations are being carried out with them.
    • You have the right to rectify any inaccurate personal details.
    • You have the right to suppress your personal data, when possible.
    • You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your personal data, when the accuracy, lawfulness or the necessity to process the data are doubtful. In which case, we will be able to keep them in order to file or defend any claims.
    • You have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data, when the legal basis allowing us to process them, as previously included, is the legitimate interest. AvaiBook will stop processing your data unless it has a legitimate interest to do so or unless it is necessary to defend a claim.
    • You have the right to data portability, when the legal basis allowing us to process them, as previously included, is the existence of a contractual relationship or your consent.
    • You have the right to withdraw the consent given to AvaiBook.

    You will be able to exercise your rights at any time and for free by sending an email to indicating the right you wish to exercise and your identification data.

    We also inform you that you have the right to file a claim to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, if you consider that the law regarding data protection has been broken when processing your personal data.


    AvaiBook uses all reasonable efforts to keep your personal information processed through this tool confidential. AvaiBook keeps a high level of security in order to protect the personal data from accidental losses and accesses, unauthorized disclosure or processing, in view of the status of the technology, its nature and the risks to which the data are exposed. However, we cannot be held responsible for how you use the data used in AvaiBook (including the user log and the password) beyond our tool, Website or Apps.


    Fast Check-in Service

    AvaiBook integrates into its service the CheckIn APP tool that allows the management of the traveller registration process. This integration is carried out as data controller of the property manager. The property manager must in turn inform the traveler of the processing he/she will make of his/her data through the use of this tool, within the framework of managing the reservation. AvaiBook assumes no responsibility for the accommodation manager's reporting obligations.

    iCal Plus Service

    In order to optimize the booking management service, AvaiBook offers managers the iCal Plus service that allows the integration of the booking calendar with its own or third-party management system, used by the manager. Integration with systems outside AvaiBook is done at the request of the manager and in no case implies avaiBook's assumption of responsibility for the transfer, integrity and custody of information integrated into systems outside AvaiBook.

    Messaging/chat service

    AvaiBook makes available to managers and users in general the internal messaging service (chat) of the Web and Apps through which AvaiBook provides services of customer service, query resolution and complaints. By accepting this privacy policy, it is aware that AvaiBook stores such conversations in order to ensure the quality of customer service and for the development and improvement of our services.