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The most powerful one on the market, with integrated bank payment gateways. Work safely and quietly, and complete it with your direct reservations.

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Automatic availability, rates and reservations updating, with the leading vacation portals, with your website and with the booking engine.

BDP - Payment Collection Management

Determine the way you want to work with your reservations, create rules to collect payments automatically and issue credit card refunds. 100%afe.

Booking management

A lot of simple tools to manage all your bookings from one only place, in a fast and professional way.

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More than 20 portals integrated with our solutions, these are some of them:

Expedia Quick Connect (Expedia, Venere, Hotels)

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Make your management easier

Control the sales from one only place. You can manage quotas, organise your staff, schedule email notifications and credit card payment collections, generate invoices with a click... More information


AvaiBook is not just technology, we also provide you and your customers with a safe environment, with 100% safe payment gateways and we ensure cancellation policies compliance. More information

Get more bookings than the competition

Make booking easier by displaying your real availability and allowing online booking on your website or on the portals where you advertise your accommodations. Don’t miss any reservations. Don't miss foreign tourist bookings. More information

Phone support included

You are not alone, our experts will resolve your questions and will help you boost your sales.More information

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Success stories

La Casa del Rebote, Acedo

La Casa del Rebote

Luis, the fearless owner of La Casa del Rebote

Luis Garín decidió reformar la antigua casa cuartel de Acedo para convertirla en una casa rural, y tras una completa rehabilitación la rebautizó con el nombre de "La Casa del Rebote", ya que está situada junto al frontón de Acedo. Luis, maestro de profesión durante 42 años, es un amante de los viajes e intrépido aventurero. Tras cumplir su sueño de viajar a Sudamérica en solitario, aprovecho todas las ideas que había recogido de una gran variedad de alojamientos allí, y se lanzó al negocio turístico. Prácticamente usa AvaiBook desde que abrió las puertas de los apartamentos y tiene claro que para tener las mismas oportunidades que otro tipo de alojamientos como hoteles, hay que ofrecer las mismas opciones a los viajeros. See full interview

Luis Garín   Owner of La Casa del Rebote

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There are more than 4500 accommodations already using AvaiBook

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