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Vacation rental software
powerful tools in the clouddiseñadas experts

Booking engine

The most powerful banking market withpasarelas already integrated. Work safe and quiet, supplemented with your direct bookings.

Channel manager

Automatic update availability, rates and reservations, with the main holiday portals with your website and booking engine.

BDP - Collection Management

Define how you want to work with all your reservations, create automatic rules made by card receipts and returns. 100% insurance.

Booking management

Multiple simple tools to manage all your reservations in one place, quickly and professionally.

More than38.700 managers already are using.
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More than 20 portals integrated with our solutions, these are some of them:

Expedia Quick Connect (Expedia, Venere, Hoteles)
TripAdvisor [Instant Booking]

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Streamline your management

Controls sales in one place, closes and opens quotas, organizing your staff, program alerts via email and card charges, generate invoices with a click ... More information


AvaiBook is not only technology, we also provide to you and your customers a secure environment, with banking gateways 100%safe and mentoring cancellation policy. More information

Get more bookings than the competition

Facilitates reserves, showing your actual availability and reserve allowing online from your website or portals where you advertise. Do not miss reserves. Don't lose foreign tourist bookings. More information

phone support included

You are not alone, our experts will resolve all questions and help you boost your sales.More information

There is even more

AvaiBook offers many more advantages to help you with your business.

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Success stories

Homy Apartments, Milán

Homy Apartments

AvaiBook is a very functional system!

Stefania has begun his activity and his friends manage apartments, driven by his passion for decoration and tourism and their desire to relate to people. In their apartments love of decoration, who personally cares so your travelers can feel at casa.Lo he likes to AvaiBook is the ease of use and security system in the management of payments reflected.

Stefania   homy owned apartments

This isn't the only success story

There are more than 4500 accommodations already using AvaiBook

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True testimonies. With name and surname.

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