Channel Manager

All your adverts managed from one place

Save lots of time, avoid unproductive inquiries and put an end to overbooking

It updates your availability and your rates automatically and manages your payment collections, our Channel Manager has been specially designed for the vacation rental market.

1Credit card data and payment collection management
AvaiBook exclusively offers the Booking Direct Payments gateway. Our system verifies the traveller's credit card details, collects the prepayment (deposit) you determine, as well as further payment collections you may have scheduled, which you may also collect manually. All that in a 100% safe environment, PCI compliant.
2Total convergence with our booking engine
Do not spend time doing something a machine can do accurately. If you use our online booking engine your availability will be automatically updated, without any action on your part, whenever a reservation is made, cancelled, accepted or turned down. Moreover, your calendars can display a booking button. This way, your visitors can book if their dates are available.
3Open and close your sales whenever you want
With our vacation rental channel manager, just one mouse click and you will be able to open or close dates, see the bookings in detail or register your own bookings thanks to our Integral Booking Manangement System..

In addition, if you are a vacation rental agency or property manager you will be able to let the owner of every accommodation to be directly in charge of keeping the calendar updated.
4Increase your visibility and get more bookings
Become higher ranked and more visible on the portals where you advertise by having your booking calendar always updated.

You will rank higher on the listings since all the portals give greater weight to having the availability updated, this way your adverts will be more visited and you will get more reservations.
5Ical support
From AvaiBook and through our holiday rental channel manager, you have access to all your calendars from any platform using iCal technology

This way, for example, you will be able to have all your reservations in only one Google Calendar, and also to have all your accommodations availability on your SmartPhone or Tablet calendar.
6Increase your bookings through tripadvisor, with avaibook
You can activate the Instant Booking tool on TripAdvisor.Travellers will book your accommodation directly, through AvaiBook, without leaving TripAdvisor.

Moreover, Instant Booking it will always rank higher than the rest of the OTA or any other TripAdvisor option.


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