Booking Engine

Multiply your sales quickly

Receiving online bookings from your website and from the portals where you advertise

The only booking engine specially designed for vacation rental accommodations, with integrated payment gateways and compatible with manual booking or other booking methods. Work safely with our powerful booking engine.

1Increase your visibility and get more bookings through the portals
Our vacation rental booking engine is the only one on the market you can use with portals such as: Tripadvisor,, Expedia, Toprural, Rentalia, Case … Activating the booking engine on your adverts on this portals, you will improve your visibility and travellers will be able to book your accommodation directly. Also, you will have the booking management centralised in one only place.
2Calendar automatically updeated
As soon as you receive a reservation, we update your website, the portals where you advertise and your management system. Also when there are cancellations, we update your availability automatically.. Bidirectional synchronisation.
3All the online bookings will be automatically saved
All the reservations saved. You will have access to a report where all your reservations are displayed, whatever the booking method. All the travellers details are stored, as well as the booking information. You may add direct reservation so everything is in the same place.
4Very easy and powerful website integration
You may integrate the holiday rental booking engine in any web platform you use, you only need to copy and paste one of our widgets. We offer you many options (link, calendar, form, button...). You will be able to customise their look so they match your corporate identity.
5Make the booking confirmation easier. Work white peace of mind
Our booking engine uses a powerful setup that you determine: rates, capacities, extras, prepayment amount, etc. It also allows you to either receive 100% safe direct reservations automatically or work "On request” by warning you when you have a new reservation so you can accept or reject it easily. You will be able to talk to owners and travellers, and once the reservation is accepted, travellers don’t need to do anything, the system takes care of the payment collection. You can also work with request forms that you may turn into reservations.
6One for all
The booking engine system can be for a specific property or for all your propertiesThis way, you offer your travellers all the options. If an accommodation is not available,we propose those that are available, so you don’t miss the reservation.
7Everybody is aware.
For each new reservation, we notify you and the traveller, if you work on request, you can then accept it or reject it. Always by email, but also via text message if you want. Optimized booking engine for vacation rental owners and property managers.
8Really attractive and versatile rates
Rates per night and number of guests very easy to set. You may set limitless seasons to adjust your prices as much as you need,you can set: a minimum stay,you can set: a minimum stay, fixed check-in day, extras, additional costs, discounts, weekly or biweekly rates, packages, Last Minute offers, Early Booking or Long stay.
9Talk to the traveller if you need to
We know that sometimes direct contact with travellers is essential.However, we also know that, once all the questions are resolved, our online booking system is safer and more comfortable for everyone.That is why, we have equipped our booking engine with a powerful Conversations System which allows you to talk to the traveller before confirming a booking, or receive inquiries that you may turn later into bookings easily.
10Multilingual booking process with your corporate image
Foreign tourists don't argue the price, their stays are longer and they have greater purchasing power.Do you want it or not? If you don't have multilingual online booking with secure payment gateways you don't exist for foreign tourists. We provide an online booking engine in 9 different languages, which allows you to add your logo, images and features and customise the colours so it looks similar to your website.
11Quotes and booking invitations management
Send direct invitations to book online to the travellers you want. This way, you won’t need to block dates and validate the payment.