1How do I know how much I need to pay?
It’s very easy, we have a range of plans. Our paid plans are on monthly or annual basis (this option is cheaper). You only need to check what plan suits you according to:
  • Number of properties..
    • The number of properties you manage (either yours or owned by third parties). The total amount of physical accommodations, not the types.
    • The number of units belonging to an accommodation. If you offer rooms, you must take into account the number of accommodation units. This means, the total number of actual rooms, not the types of rooms. E.g, If you have 10 rooms of 3 different categories: 4 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and 2 quadruple rooms. That’s 10 units, not 3.
  • Synchronisation: The number of accommodations and adverts you want to update automatically, not counts the times we update.
2How do commissions work?
We charge two commissions:
  • 1€ for each reservation managed, whatever the method. Including: information storage and card encryption in a PCI environment, as well as the calendars automatic update.
  • 2% of the transaction amount(of what we collect from travellers). You determine the amounts and you can decide when to collect them, immediately (manual) or you can schedule them for the right date. The card will be active 7 days after check-out.
3Do the manual reservations I make directly with travellers have a cost?
No, all the reservations you enter in the system manually, have no cost..


1Can I change my plan?
Sure, whenever you want you can change to the plan you prefer, either to a higher value plan, on monthly or annual basis, either to a lower value plan.
2Is there any minimum term?
Not at all, non of our plan have a minimum term. Although, we hope you like it and you want to keep working with us for a very long time.
3How long does it take to start?
Very little time, just a few hours! It really depends on the time you can spend. Therefore, the same day you purchase it you can register your accommodations using the tools to duplicate and copy, in order to make it faster. If you have another 5 minutes, you can even use one of our customised widgets and integrate it on your web, just by copying and pasting a code. After that, you only need to synchronise with the portals, which is also easy and quick. You will only have to wait for 24 to 48h with and Expedia, since it requires working together with Customer Care.


1How and when do I receive the reservation payment?
We will credit your account the day after the payment is collected. Except for the prepayments managed by our booking engine, in which case we will credit your account upon the expiration date of the cancellation policy you have set. This way, we release you from the task of managing the prepayment refund if there is cancellation.
2What happens if a reservations made through my website is cancelled?
When travellers cancel, the dates are unblocked on your website and the portals you are synchronised with. Also, the system checks automatically whether the prepayment must be refunded or not. In case it is, we credit back the prepayment amount on the card used to pay.. If it must not be refunded, the dates are unblocked and we send you the prepayment amount. We take care of it, you don’t have to worry about anything.


1How do I integrate the booking engine on my website, is it supported by wordpress?
Our engine is supported by any platform, including Wordpress. It is very easy, you can choose one of our designs: a widget you may customise and copy and paste on your website or you can create your own design and redirect the visitor to us customising some parameters.
2Can I customise the booking engine?
Of course, you may change cthe default colours, format, logo and language. Also, you will be able to add up to 5 pictures so travellers can see the accommodation they are booking. You can also add the icons of the services you offer.


1What is the process of connecting with portals?
Every portal has a different connection process which is explain in detail upon linking. In general, you need to specify which of the accommodations you have in the portal correspond to those you have in AvaiBook. They are paired so the information about availability and prices is transferred to the corresponding accommodation.
2What is the connexion with like?
When you receive a reservation through, we receive the reservation details and AvaiBook:
  • Updates the calendarsyou have on other portals and on your website.
  • Saves all the traveller’s details
  • Verifies the card details e immediately, and tells you if it is valid or not.
  • Collect for you, anything you need, a prepayment, 100% of the price if it is not refundable...
  • We send emails containing the customised information you want. For instance, where to pick up the keys, how to get there, code of conduct...
  • You will be able to collect any amount you need from the traveller, up to 7 days after check-out. Just in case something breaks and you need to collect the deposit.
You will also be able to reserve dates for and send them higher or lower prices, as you prefer. For example, if you have set a 100€ price per night in AvaiBook, you can specify that you want us to send a 15% more or less to This way, the price will be updated to 115€ or 85€. If you work withExpedia it works the same way.
3Which portals are you connected with?
We are connected with all these portals.