Receive reservations from Google

From today be ready to compete with the OTAs. More than half of global bookings start on Google. That's why OTAs invest millions to appear on it and capture those reservations.

With AvaiBook you can publish your accommodations on Google and multiply your direct sales.

Advantages of advertising your accommodation on Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels

With the synchronization between AvaiBook and Google, you will improve your brand positioning, increase your income thanks to direct bookings and increase the visibility of your accommodation. Take advantage of the premium synchronization between our platforms and promote your accommodations on Google.

  • Google Searchs
  • Google Travel
  • Google Maps

Appears on Google, Google Travel and Google Maps.

Millions of travelers around the world search for accommodation on one of Google's tools every day.

Google Travel includes both Hotels and Vacation Rentals, and allows you to book them directly. In addition, it shows them through Google searches or Google Maps.

AvaiBook allows you to advertise your accommodation on Google Travel, through Google Hotel or Google Vacation Rentals, in a very simple and powerful way.

AvaiBook is an official certified partner of Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals on Google.

Google gets its vacation rental listings from some web portals and certain online travel agencies.

In addition, Google has a select group of official partners, such as AvaiBook, to provide you with vacation rental listings, and channel direct reservations to the establishment.

Currently, the only way to submit your vacation rental listings to Google is to work with a Google-approved partner, like AvaiBook

AvaiBook is one of the few official Google partners certified for both Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels.

We offer you an official connection. Everything integrated and connected.

AvaiBook is a Google technology partner, certified in both Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels.

Our technology allows you to advertise your accommodations on Google in 3 easy steps, and keep them synchronized automatically.

  • Automatic creation of the ad in Google.
  • Synchronization of rates, availability and content.
  • Automatic download of reservations in the PMS.
  • Guest’s payment collection management included. 100% guaranteed and automated payments.
  • Everything connected and managed from our Channel Manager.

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