Payment Collection Management

Safer and more powerful than a dataphone

You won't believe how calm you will feel, just let customers come to you

Online payment processing 100% safe, flexible to adapt it to your management and for all your reservations.

1Integrated with the booking engine and the channel manager
It will process any payment collections of reservations made by the booking engine from your website, , made using the channel manager with and Expedia, or direct reservations entered manually in the system.
2Suited to your needs
You will be able to schedule your operations or process them manually. You will be able to create different rules for different accommodations or portals, since you will probably have different policies for each of them.
3It distinguishes portals and rates
Also, for BDP compatible portals, and Expedia, you will be able to set it to collect the 100% for non refundable reservations. This way, despite the rules you set, the whole amount will be collected for such bookings.
4Choose optional or mandatory 3D Secure
If you want extra safety for the payment collections you process manually, you will have the option to process manual collections with 3D Secure, that is to say, the payment collection will be accepted once travellers enter a private code provided by their bank. (Booking payment collection).
5Intelligent deposit management
Intelligent “deposit” management, this an advance feature which allows you to determine a specific amount for each accommodation. Whenever you determine, the system will place a block on the amount. This block will be automatically remove after 7 days. During those days, you may check if there are any damages. In case there are, you may retain the deposit, or fully or partially.
6Possibility to enter card data
BDP Plus complement. This complement offers other tools. You may enter or modify your customers card data in order to verify them and also, in order to apply the corresponding rules, safe and powerful reservation payment collection.
7Automatic and manual refunds
You will be able to issue a full or partial refund, and the prepayments will be automatically returned.
8Everything under control
You will have everything under control. All your operations will be listed. The list will contain all your activities details, their status and the reservation they correspond to.
9Automatic communication included
We will take care of notifying payment collections and refunds, to travellers via email, giving them the possibility to contact you for further questions.