Automate sending notifications to your travellers and staff

Predefined notifications and notifications to be activated

Send your travellers automatically, without the need to do anything, notifications of their reservations confirmed (or cancelled), as well as collections confirmed, failed, or refunds through our secure payment gateway BDP.

In addition, you can activate other automatic notifications such as:

Email to travellers with the possibility of check-in before their arrival. (Fast Check-in Tool). With its corresponding return email notifying that they have completed it so that you can review it.

Email request for opinions to travelers after their stay (again, advising you if they complete it).

Email your staff with next tasks to do. Your employees will be able to mark each task as done and you will also be notified of it.

Customize automatic email templates for your travelers and staff

What will they let you do?
You are going to improve your image as a business, build customer loyalty and optimize internal management (send emails to your staff, partners, with hidden copy and on the email you want).

Which are the most recommended to create?
The most effective emails for your business are:

Reservation confirmation and welcome email. You will add your brand, your image, the services you offer, how to get there...great opportunity to create a magnificent first impression . You can even include videos. Your travellers will be delighted!

Reminder of stay email. A couple of days before their arrival, remind them of the immediacy of their stay, how and where to make the collection of keys, access, the possibility of check-in in advance and without waiting...

Thank you email and opinion request. Again, a couple of days after their check-out, thanking them for their stay and motivating them to leave a good review.

If you are a property manager or an agency , you will also find it useful to send emails advising the owners with the reservation information or your staff with their next tasks to do.

In addition, you will be able to segment the sending of these emails by hosting and portal , define them up to 9 languages , and even create templates without automating to send them when you want and to whomever you want.

Automated Notifications is integrated within the: Booking Management-PMS tools