Plans and Rates

Economical fees. Without commitment. You are free.

All our plans include the Booking Engine, the Channel Manager, the Payment Collection Management and all the Management Tools. Use whatever you need.


7,99/ month

+1€ / saved bookings +2% set up transactions

6.65€/month in annual contract


29,99/ month

+1€ / saved bookings +2% set up transactions

24.99€/month in annual contract


49,99/ month

+1€ / saved bookings +2% set up transactions

41.66€/month in annual contract

We also offer a free subscription - 2 properties, 5 housing units, 4 synchronizations and basic support by mail within 48h.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I know how much I need to pay?
It’s very easy, we have a range of plans. Our paid plans are on monthly or annual basis (this option is cheaper). You only need to check what plan suits you according to: Number of properties. The number of properties you manage (either yours or owned by third parties). The total amount of physical accommodations, not the types. Keep reading
2How do commissions work?
We charge two commissions: 1€ for each reservation managed, whatever the method. Including: information storage and card encryption in a PCI environment, as well as the calendars automatic update. 2% of the transaction (the amount we charge the guest for you). Keep reading
3Can I change my plan?
Sure, whenever you want. You can change to the plan you prefer, either to a higher value plan, on monthly or annual basis, either to a lower value plan.
4Is there any minimun term?
Not at all, non of our plan have a minimum term. Although, we hope you like it and you want to keep working with us for a very long time .