La Pizarra Negra

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6 June, 2017
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Il Passatore
15 June, 2017

La Pizarra Negra - Campillejo

"AvaiBook provides professional image to our business"

Rafael Martí, along with his wife, open the doors of Pizarra Negra in 2001. Unlike many other rural accommodations owners, they decided to take the step to transform the house that was usually rented per room in a full rental. They wanted to preserve travellers privacy and freedom.

This made this accommodation in the heart of Pueblos de Pizarra, Guadalaja, more appealing. Aexclusive use area surrounding the house, a peaceful atmosphere and a medieval environment make this place very attractive. About AvaiBook, he likes the professional image it provides to their accommodations and the possibility to have an online booking engine.

Rafael Martí

Owner of La Pizarra Negra

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Rafael Martí
Owner of La Pizarra Negra

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The multiple calendar synchronisation, the online booking integrated in our website, the professional image AvaiBook stamp transmits.

Rafael Martí
Owner of La Pizarra Negra