Tabla planes

Comparative table

Free Basic Advance Premium Leader
Annual fee* 0€ 120€ 180€ 340€ 560€
Cost per saved online booking* 1€ 1€ 1€ 1€ 1€
Financial cost per transaction* 2% 2% 2% 2% 2%
Maximum number Accommodations 2 5 25 50 300
Max. No. of rentals 5 12 40 80 650
No. of connected listing portals 4 15 100 250 Unlimited
No. of manual bookings/per month 6 25 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Premium support by phone
Channel Manager
Connection with AvaiBook PMS and booking engine
iCal connection
XML connection
Premium portals: and Expedia
Credit card validation for reservations of and Expedia
Rates updates
BDP - Payment gateway
Payment gateway included, PCI
Programmed payment
Disputes resolution
Introduce/change credit card datas
Booking engine
Basic customization of widget
Automatic advance payments
9 available languages
Advanced customization of widget
Multi-property booking engine
Customised reservation form
Special prices and promotions
Extra costs for special dates
Facebook integration
PMS - Management bookings
Manual bookings with online payment
Pre-bookings with auto-expiration
Mobile version
Consumer relationship system
Check-in register
Automatic replies by email 5 10 20 Ilimitado
Management of check-in/check-out and cleanings
Export bookings to Excel
Export accounting to Excel
Charts and statistics
Users login
Owners report
API access and connection
*VAT excluded prices.