Turismo de Calidad

cap y corp
Cap y Corp Apartments Complex
19 June, 2017
villa mathesis
Villa Mathesis
29 June, 2017

"We keep growing and always along with AvaiBook"

Turismodecalidad.com starting managing holiday cottages in Sierra de Cádiz and now it gathers rural accommodations from all across Andalusia. Miguel was one of the first managers to integrate the AvaiBook engine and his has become one of the most online booked websites.

As a true manager, he is notified of every booking confirmation, payment, cancellation... not only by email but also by text message, so he can offer a faster and more efficient service, to the travellers as well as to the owners who trust him.

Miguel Ratón

Manager of Turismo de Calidad

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"More comfort for your travellers means more bookings for you"

Nowadays, it's impossible to imagine running a hotel without this tool, everyone books on the Internet and confirms without leaving their seats.

Miguel Ratón
Manager of Turismo de Calidad

"Travellers want speed, fulfil their wishes!"

It is faster for your guests who increasingly want to confirm their reservation without the need of waiting for a reply or calling on the phone to check availability.

Miguel Ratón
Manager of Turismo de Calidad