Villa Mathesis

turismo de calidad
Turismo de Calidad
22 June, 2017

"One of the Top 10 most spectacular houses in the world, with AvaiBook"

Villa Mathesis has been recognized by Home and Garden TV as one of the 10 most spectacular houses in the world, because of its stunning location.

This villa is located between two beaches and has a view on the Strait of Gibraltar, the Atlantic Ocean and Africa, close to Zahara de los Atunes. It's like living on a boat! AvaiBook gave them the chance to open their home to the world and manage the whole process perfectly, as if they had been their whole life managing VIP accommodations.

The system allows them to provide the VIP treatment their clients demand, when arriving, during their stay and once they have left. Gotzon cannot decide what the most useful tool for his business is since he does the most of every single section of AvaiBook.

Gotzon Badiola and Jose Ignacio Labiano

Founders of Villa Mathesis

AvaiBook Master in:
  • Automatic booking management
  • Channel Manager
  • Charts and statistics

"I can't decide! All the tools are essential"

They are all vital, don't forget the statistics, emails and review management.

Gotzon Badiola
Founder of Villa Mathesis

"If you want to remain as a great company, you need to keep innovating and improving"

And this is well known in AvaiBook, where constant innovation is a must.

Gotzon Badiola
Founder of Villa Mathesis