AvaiBook gives part of its shareholding to the real estate leader idealista

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As we already mentioned in one of our last posts, 2019 is going to be a year full of improvements and innovations. Right now we continue working on the optimization of several of our features while we are creating new ones that you will soon be able to enjoy. However, today we are going to talk about one of our most important news:

The real estate portal of reference in Spain, idealista, has joined our shareholding with a majority stake

We met idealista few years ago as owners of Rentalia, the holiday rental website and one of our integrated portals. From that moment, we established a relationship of friendship and trust that, built on hundreds of conversations and good wishes, has culminated today in what is an important boost for our company.

Idealista values AvaiBook as an innovative and leading project in the tourism sector with an admirable execution plan. It predicts a bright future under the same lines of work and that is why it did not want to miss our evolution. Now we will work hand in hand, although with the same autonomy of team and organization. AvaiBook will remain, as always, as an independent brand, but now with a master key that will open earlier and more easily all those doors to what we want to achieve.

AvaiBook will continue working in the same line to offer you its best service

Beyond becoming a mere financial support, idealista also wants to support us strategically to streamline our solutions and make them more competitive. This does not imply a change in the way we think and execute our objectives. AvaiBook will continue to work in the same way, but now with more and better resources that will increase our professionalism as well as our visibility.

For Rafael Cruces, founder and CEO of AvaiBook, the idealista entry has been “the best possible news for the project as it is one of the most relevant and well-known technology companies in Spain”. It is also a leader in Italy and Potugal, countries in which AvaiBook is currently settling: “it has known how to internationalise its model and its leadership very well in these three places, which will greatly boost our growth”, he said.

If you want to know more about this participation, you can access the press release published by idealista on its website.