Infographic 2016: AvaiBook consolidates its position in the vacation rental industry

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5 September, 2017
infographic avaibook

2016 has been the year when AvaiBook has strongly consolidated its position in the vacation rental industry.

This is the reason why we wanted to share with you, in the following infographic, some of the main parameters that show how, thanks to all of you, we keep growing faster and faster every year, always aiming the satisfaction of our clients as our greatest goal:



avaibook infographic



As you could see in the previous infographic, 2016 has been a really important and positive year for us. New international markets, a larger team, new offices…


Also, we wanted to show a trend that is already deeply settled in the market: The growing percentage of online booking, which was 34% four years ago and currently is 68%, which shows the crucial relevance of having a good online Booking system on your website. 

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